102 Rivonia Road
South Africa
Within the heart of Africa’s richest square mile, Sandton’s business district, is a New Office Development known as 102 Rivonia Rd. The building is nestled between two main arterial roads and located directly opposite the Sandton Gautrain station and the building is a trajectory of this movement, reflected in the circulation and form.
A grand sweeping staircase off Rivonia Road creates a seamless transition for pedestrians from street level to the podium, which celebrates its views over Sandton with a hard and soft landscaped extension of the open public street that can be secured after hours. Vehicular access for the office buildings and their services are separate from the primary pedestrian access.
Undulating floor plans, with overhangs and protrusions allow for the variety of internal functions housed within the building. The unitized glass façade allows for vertical connection and fluidity between the horizontal planes. The façade is articulated by vertical fins which controls natural light into the open office environment, the centres of which are defined by their orientation on the façades. The building allows for innovative, activity-based workplace environments, with hot-desking, no individual offices, multiple collaboration zones and a variety of working spaces.
The form is comprised of three primary elements; a 7-storey tower, with an active atrium space, intersected by stair and bridge links; a 13-storey office tower connected and a 5-storey link bridge connecting the two towers which allows for future flexibility. The organic interior and exterior space planning blurs the interface between active and passive spaces, public and private and built form and landscaping.
The building harness natural light and ventilation, water conservation, energy & resource efficiency, for example the concrete used has 60% fly-ash concrete (a recycled bi-product from coal-burning power stations) – contributing to the green star 4 star rating award.
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