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Urban social housing
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Architecture has undergone significant changes in its formal and spatial lexicon whose interpretation goes far beyond composition codes that define spaces where light / shadow, light / dark, scale / ratio, transitions and relations of the interior / Exterior, noise / silence, full / empty, rhythm and also the relation with the place, has defined the house or the space to inhabit as a determining element in the city / landscape. Admittedly, housing has always been the reason for architecture since the earliest days of cave man (natural space) with the need to shelter from the outer environment, to modern-contemporary man (artificial concrete) where the house beyond character Of shelter, plays a fundamental role in the aspirations of man as a social being. The backyard / courtyard appears as a common dominating element in the houses on the outskirts of the city of Luanda, as well as the sanitary facilities and kitchens that are located outside the house, establishing direct relations with the social areas outside (patio / patio), which led us to reflect On the spatial organization of the proposal presented. – The house develops in the length of the plot and in three different levels. At the first level, the street level, the social areas of the house are developed with a front yard and a small vegetable garden as a means of subsistence for families. The area of ​​the living room and kitchen divide the two yards. Also the entrance of the house, we found a sanitary installation to support the dwelling as a reflection of the framing of the same in the living space of the houses on the outskirts of the city. On the first floor we find the private area of ​​the house where we propose four rooms to support the house that can also be transformed into other spaces as a more private room, and on the 2nd floor we propose a technical area where the water tank for gravity supply And also where will be located batteries of energy accumulation by photovoltaic panels. – structural level of the cover that allows better orientation of the rainwater to the reservoir that is inside the house is composed of conventional masonry in a cement block covered by projected plaster (outdoors) giving a textured / rough effect. Inside the dwelling we find only block walls to view, metallic nets like guardrails and cobogos pre-cast in red clay which makes the cost of the house very low. The inner and outer pavements are composed of reinforced concrete slabs with a thin layer of polish giving the dark gray effect, and we also maintained in some areas of the yard and courtyard the red earth as unifying element of the genesis of the Musseques.
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