Fórum de Arquitectura
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“Fórum de Arquitectura” (which means Architecture Forum) is an annual event that takes place in October, in the historical heart of the city of Luanda, where it is located at the Lusíada University of Angola. It began in 2006, as part of the activities of the Department of Architecture and restricted to its teachers and students. Today, after years of continuous battles and perseverance, it can be said that it is the largest academic event in the area in Angola, which celebrates not only Architecture, but also everything that surrounds it. It raises debate on several disciplines, promotes interchange between universities at international level, has developed, over the years, own identity, and established a tradition in the angolan academic world. From the very first steps, “Fórum de Arquitectura” has a program open to all national Architecture Schools. However, we decided to expand our concept to international universities, especially in the lusophone world, namely Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal. Henceforth, it is our intention to cover the SADC Region with the aim of creating strong academic links with other schools of architecture and building a network of scientific and cultural interchange. With this approach, participants will cooperate in the various sessions of the program creating a broad field of strategic actions that will focus on the diversity of our sociocultural reality. It should be noted that the concept “Fórum de Arquitectura” does not end in conferences and design workshops. Other activities make up the program we offer to the participant and assistant. Guided Walks, Exhibitions, Fairs and Bazaars without forgetting Music, Theater and other artistic manifestations, will be available to provide moments of scientific interest, as well as culture, in a spirit of social interaction. It is in this context that I invite all to scientific and pedagogical discussion in order to affirm themes that are relevant and pertinent to the growth of our country.
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