AFRICAN HUB (African Bazzar)
EIABC - Ethiopia
Despite the fact that Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia, the city is also the capital of the continent Africa. This title is given to the city due to the rich diversity of culture, long centuries of freedom and integrity. This diversified city has served as an arena for various International meetings especially regarding the African Union since 1953, when it was first coined as the OAU. Africa is not only rich in cultural diversity, but also in material resources and architectural building construction techniques. Starting from the ancient civilization of Egypt and Axumite’s, our ancestors have been exercising keen architectural craftsmanship; but do we really apply what they have left for us? Most of our constructions are run by foreign contractors and designers leaving the wisdom of our ancestors to ash. Cultural exchange is another main factor contributed by the meetings of international organizations such as the AU. It has various significance, for instance, exchange of knowledge and information, entertainment, economic incentives, and in promoting tourism. So, is African Union the ultimate exchange stage for delegates of the continent? What are the goals after all? As being a global citizen of Africa, one must ask the question why Addis Ababa is the seat of the Union and also remain to be so? What is special about Addis Ababa? What is our guarantee, things will remain the same forever? One of the way to make the delegates want to be eagerly wanting to come, visit and stay here is by enhancing the stage they gather at, and no political stipulations should be forced for that matter. Tourists flourish from various parts of the world to the city of Addis for the sake of visiting the famous tourist destinations of the city and also the country; but how many tourists come to visit the African Union hall? The presence should have increased the tourist rate of the city but does that even come to relevance? Even the exclusive approach of the political integrity the union shows doesn’t let any civilians in, which in turn creates a very rigid system. The overall aim of this thesis project is design a more inclusive, flexible, identified, and diversified arena for Africa which the common characteristics feature of the rich identity of the continent; Implement a platform of African society in the city of Addis Ababa as the city is the capital of the continent. The project will be lining on the portion of pan-African road which extends from ECA all the way to African Union. This is intentionally done to celebrate the presence of the road and to commemorate the pan-Africanism.
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