Africa Union Deputy Chairpersons' Residence
Sileshi Consult Consulting Architects and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Co. - Ethiopia
Drawings, plans, elevations
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The massing and space layout draws from frequently used forms, circle and oval, of most african traditional architecture. In doing so, an elliptical form is employed to house major functions of the residence. It is set centrally within the site creating delineation between various outdoor areas. A central lobby space links the dinning to its left with a double story living room with a panoramic view located to the right. The deputy’s’ bed room is located on the first floor with a private office set right above the living room overlooking the space below. Upper levels accommodate children’s’ bed room and other functions. Recessed and cantilevered terraces are used to create outdoor and semi – covered spaces, besides adding dynamism to the form. The building is oriented NE – SW to minimize its exposure to harsh afternoon SW sun. In addition it also helps to differentiate parking areas with the private garden. Amenities are provided at the back side adjoining the boundary, yet with a covered walk way connection with the main building. White pigmented textured concrete is used to give it a neutral and monolithic appearance.
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